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    any1 wanna buy cards of their fav. playa for 1/2 bv? & willin 2 spend 35$+

    im selling my high end basketball cards i have a ton in my collection and i am willing to sell them for 1/2 bv all of these cards that i am sellin bv for 60$+ so i will be selling them at cheapest 30 and up to a price range of around 50 (if card bv for 100)...let me know if your interested and what players you want and we will make some deals

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    do u have any of the 02-03 flair rcs, 02-03 premium rcs, and 03-04 mystiques rcs?

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    yes, who are you looking for and how much are you willing to pay?

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    I need the following RCs out of the Flair,

    #92-Jay Williams
    #97-J. Jefferies
    #109-F. Williams
    #117-C. Jefferies
    and #120-Steve Logan
    I need the following RC from the Premium Set,

    and #139-Steve Logan

    and a lot from mystique

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