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    New 04 Elite 4 box break stuff for sale, possible trade

    Here's the juicy stuff.

    Turn of The Century Autos:

    Rashaun Woods 43/125--SOLD! JimmyWolfrey

    Ernest Wilford 94/125

    Elite Series Jerseys:

    David Carr (Bronze) /250 White Swatch

    Clinton Portis (Bronze) /250 Navy Swatch NFT

    Brett Favre (Silver) /150 White Swatch -- SOLD! to my buddy bledsoe11

    Career Best Jerseys:

    John Elway White Swatch /250

    Throwback Threads:

    Walter Payton White Swatch /150...not sure if Im selling this

    Gridiron Gear Jerseys

    Ladainian Tomlinson Navy Swatch /150

    Rookie Cards:

    JP Losman
    Sean Taylor--SOLD! Jimmy Wolfrey
    Kevin Jones--SOLD! Jimmy Wolfrey
    Ben Roethlisberger
    Michael Jenkins--SOLD!! To my buddy bledsoe11
    Robert Kent
    Antwan Odom
    Dwan Edwards


    Justin Jenkins(RC) /92
    John Navarre(RC) /84 --Pending Sale--Twisty71
    Ladainian Tomlinson /79--SOLD! Jimmy Wolfrey

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    i need the roethlisberger rc or the payton throwback thread. please check my site and lmk what you need, thanks

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    Walter Payton White Swatch /150 - If you were to sell it, how much?

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    I want the Elway, Check my site and if you dont see anything LMK sell price.

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    I got the fabric of the game portis and I got the email of a guy with the patch variation grant

    LMK if interested


    also, better check my offline. I want the favre you mentioned

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    hotsauce- only thing I could use was the Willie TOC Auto, but that books too high for the Big Ben

    Knight- if i were to sell it, it would be ebay prices...$40

    cowboy- nothing I saw on your site I could use...$23 is sale price(going off the bay)

    Jay- what fabric of the game portis?? also, you are going to be mad, but that Favre was sold 5 minutes after it came out of my mailbox.

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    i need then ben and possibly the payton check my site n plmk thanks!

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    How's it going portisfan? Really interested in the Payton.

    Walter Payton White Swatch /150...not sure if Im selling this
    Ladainian Tomlinson Navy Swatch /150

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