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    Anybody Looking for Team Lots(Rookies, Stars, Inserts, Serials)

    I have almost every team. Just give me which team you need. There are about 30-50 cards in each.

    $5.50 each with shipping.

    email me at if have any questions or wish to purchase a lot.


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    I have another offer on vikings but he went away for a few days and hasnt sent payment. So if you want them they are yours.

    I said 5.50 for teams but the vikings are a little higher, i would sell them for 6.00 since i have 5 culpeppers, 4 moss, 5 michael bennetts, 3 keenan howry rookie cards, and 4 2002 bowman rookie cards, 6 other cards. I also have a warren moon/chris carter topps air raid insert from 1995.

    Let me know if your interested.

    The book value is about $25.00

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    The chargers lot would be 6.00 as well. It includes:

    5 Ladainian Tomlinson, 5 drew bress, 2 Quentin Jammar including 1 rookie, 3 david bostons, 2 junior seau including 1 rookie, 2 curtis conway, 2 tim dewight, 1 doug flutie, and 4 other cards including a 2003 bowman chrome rookie card.

    Let me know if your interested. Would you like a raiders lot as well.

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    Thanks for the info. But at this time I am not in need of any of the players you have listed in your Charger lot. I am looking for the newer additions to the team. As for the Raiders, I have more Raider cards than I know what to do with.

    Thanks for your time.

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    UMMM.....I'll think about that...and get back to you on it...I'm mainly just interested in the moss & culpepper cards...and maybe the moon and carter insert

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    curttheman, what charger are you looking for?

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    do you have a recent Broncos team set? I am heading to training camp for a week to get sigs!

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