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    Paying CC for cards of Jon Leicester, Brian Dopirak, and Todd Wellemeyer.

    Please lmk if you have any cards of them.

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    Would you get rid of it for CC? and which one is it?

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    it is a 2003 ud first pitch star rc tod wellemeyer

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    i need mark prior, miguel cabrera, jose reyes, kaz matsui,dontrelle willis commons

    the todd wellemeyer bv $4

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    I collect Mark Prior, and Kaz Matsui doesn't have any commons, as he is a rookie. I don't know why that matters.

    I need a price on the Wellemeyer. You posted it, so I need to know how much you want for it.

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    it's worth 4 dollars so i want something in return for the same price

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    Read the title. 'Paying CC...' If I wanted to trade for them, I would have put this in the trading forum.

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