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    Albert Pujols Signed Game Used Batting Gloves

    I just joined this forum today. I am a regular over at the PSA boards. I just wanted to share my prized piece of memorabilia. This will also explain my avatar.

    I picked these up back in 2006. I was able to get these from the Pujols Family Foundation. To make a long story short, I ordered a pair and they were supposed to be from 2005. There were only 9 pair being sold from 2005. After I paid, they realized that they had one short. The foundation director called me and said that they would send me a pair from 2006. I was ok with that. Turns out that this pair is from his record breaking month of April when he hit 14 home runs. I also have documentation that this is the only pair from 2006 that they released from their website, although they probably sold a few at fund raising dinners and such. Both gloves are signed as well as the COA. These are definitely a keeper.

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    Awesome piece!
    Looking for 49ers ONLY!

    Looking for Michael Robinson and Delanie Walker

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    Wow those are amazing!!!! Thanks for sharing them with us.

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    Thanks for the comments. Pujols is not one of those guys that uses a piece for one or two games and then sells it. The foundation director says that he only goes through about 8 or 10 batting gloves per season.

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    Here is the way I have it displayed right now. I would love to have a more elaborate display, but this will do for now.

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    Pujols is not only one of the best players in baseball, he's also a genuinely good guy. Those gloves are incredible and will be worth some major $$$$ as he keeps putting up HOF numbers and collecting MVP awards!

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