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    Talking Check out my Ebay win! Awesome!!

    Hey, Check out my Win! A 9 card lot of 1959 Topps Indains cards, most of them look new! heres the link -

    I was looking for some vintage cards when I spotted this at the last 54 seconds of the auction! And for $8!!! They are in great condition too. I'm so happy! what a great addition to my Indians Collection!

  2. SCC Black Friday 2017
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    Nice win! Although the Russ Heman has ultimate centering problems, it's still a nice win for an Indians collector.

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    Those are very nice cards. They seem to be in great condition for only $8!

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    That's a bargain. I bet a collector of that set is probably eyeing you with envy right about now.

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    Thanks guys, I have been thinking about starting to collect vintage Indians cards, and i thought this would be a good start to a collection.

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    very nice cards congrat and enjoy them.
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    Thats a great deal, I've been conteplating Vintage for a while now but I'm 14 and only so much money to go around between my Boldin/Johnson collection and get some trade bait

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