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    Couple quick questions. When you send off an item to get signed, is it more likely to get rejected by a RTS/UTF or just not receive anything back. If it's the later, is it by a large margin.

    Secondly, when is it normal to say you probably won't be getting something back. I know I've seen posts that people have got their items back in over 400 days, but is there an average time to kind of say you probably won't be getting your item back. I know the type of player and if they are retired or not affects this.

    Just curious...thanks for the thoughts

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    usually you will only get RTS if either the address is not valid, or if the athlete is retired and refuses all fan mail- like Bill Mazeroski
    Otherwise, if you dont get it back signed, you probably wont get it back at all. The exception to this is athletes who charge, who will often return your item, unsigned, along with a price list

    as far as "writing off" a request- I generally assume it wont be returned to me after 6 months, although I have had some requests take over a year- a lot depends on who it is- if they are a current athlete, a lot of times you see all successes at the end of a season. Hope that helps
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