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    Arrow WTTF: 01/02 Pristine "Sweat & Tears" GU Towels!

    Want any and all!

    LMK what you have and what you need!


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    I was attempting to build this set as well but have only been able to accumulate 2 (Doleac and Allen). I have been looking for these cards for months with no luck. If you get any extras please let me know.

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    paul-i said i was going to look for mine for ya-i hate 7 or dad sold the boxes of COMMONS-which the towel cards were in at a garage sale,w/o asking me about them.he said he was gettin rid of my commons for me so i could buy some good stuff.he sold the towel cards w/o even sorry,im attempting to track them down

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    mfweiland: Cool, I know a few people who are collecting this set. Its really not that rare of a set, I mean the cards are inserted 1:8 packs, but the 01/02 Pristine boxes sell at like $100 which is crazy so nobody is opening them! I have almost 10 so far. Dont have the doleac though :) Got the dirk which was the ONLY one I have EVER seen! Ill let you know if I come across any extras, and you do the same for me :) ....BTW on theres a wang zhi zhi, you can pick that up for pretty cheap It think.

    theman7: wow that sucks im sorry to hear that, I hope you can recoup them and trade them to me :), lol although I have NO idea HOW your going to get them back :(

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    i busted a case of these . it may take a few days but i'll let you know what i have, i haven't gotten rid of any.

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    ok PLEASE let me know!!!!!!!!!!!

    In the meantime, who/what are you looking for in return?

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    only got these 5 from a 6 box case. magloire, avery johnson, mike miller, reggie miller2 color -yellow,black, sean elliot- sweet piece has almost and entire o from his name.

    looking for chad johnson, rudi johnson, and maybe some autos

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    Dont have any chad or rudi, LMK if you like anything off my site though, or your sell price on the lot.

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