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    Thanks guys. I try not to think about the pain in my hand, I pace myself at work and when I get a moment. It takes me about 4 minutes to write one letter, 2 mins to look up and address the envelope and less than a minute to do the SASE. I got this down to a science. I wonder if anyone else is as nuts as I am? Does anyone else occasionally do a stat sheet on their hobby?
    How does everyone keep track of the letters they mail?
    I just began (sent my first letters out yesterday) and I made some kinda stat sheet with microsoft excel, with the name, league (or profession if he's an actor, director, singer etc...), date I sent it, date I receive it, what I sent and what was signed.

    also, Congrats on your 2nd anniversary and good luck on the 100 you'll send

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    Congrats. To answer your stat sheet question, I kept a log in a file on a thumb drive and recently, it fell off of my keychain to never be found again. From this point on, I will keep a manual log as well as back up electronic files. I feel like all that time and effort is now gone but at least I have the signed cards to prove the successes. It is nice to know what you still have out there in regard to the number of actual requests which are pending.
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    Congrats. In the whole scheme of things a little under 1k isn't too much to spend spread out over a 2-year period (for a working person). Equals out to a little under $50 a month if you throw in supplies as well. I also track and love the statistical end of it as well. I've done 550 requests since late November and look to be getting a similar return rate as well. I'm done for a while now...I've got the majority of people that I wanted to write to in the first place.

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