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Thread: I need the following things...

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    I need the following things...

    I need (in Priority)
    1.) Any 2004 Pittsburgh Pirates (ESPECIALLY TOPPS ALL-TIME FAN FAVORITES!)
    2.) Any Jack Wilson stuff
    3.) 2003 Topps Chrome Refractors

    Thanx, and make sure to tell me what you want in return for what you have!


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    hey, Tony Alvarez got called up two days ago ;)

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    Alix, Any interest in a 2004 Upper Deck Power Up Orange Reggie Sanders ? He's in a Pirate uniform but there's also a Cardinal logo on the card since that's who he's with now.

    I also have these :

    2003 Topps Chrome Refractors
    # 76 Jeff Kent 27/699
    # 117 Tomokazu Ohka 251/699



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    Austin Kearns 2003 Topps Chrome #14 REFRACTOR #D 501/699
    Carlos Delgado 2003 Topps Chrome #259 Refractor #D 320/699
    Desi Relaford 2003 Topps Chrome #242 SILVER REFRACTOR
    Jeremy Hermida 2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor #428 #D 217/449
    Joe Kennedy 2003 Topps Chrome Gold Refractor #261 #D 307/449
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    (Thanks, Rick) Need those 3...I know I have a 1999 Pacific Crown Collection Pacific Crown Kerry Wood card BV 10...LMK if you need it.

    pwaldo, need those, I'll get you a list of all my Jeters and such. Also like that Travis Baptist 01 Topps Stars card off your site, too.

    (I know someone has to have a Jack Wilson RC somewhere....just start digging)

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    Sorry, I just sold the cards that I had for you.
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    Alix, I think I have the card but without a number there are a few cards from Pacific that are possible. Do you have a scan ?


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    i have some pirates stuff have any Nolan Ryans, Luis Matos, Jay Gibbons, Adam Loewens or John Maines

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