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Thread: Some GU cards for sale..

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    Some GU cards for sale..

    Hey, I've got these GU cards for sale. The thing is is that I need to receive the payment by this coming Friday because I'm going to a card show on Saturday. I don't have Paypal, so you will have to send concealed cash. Thanks, and LMK. I can post scans if ya need me to! Shipping is $1 for how ever many cards you buy. I also have GU cards from Hockey, Basketball, and Baseball for sale. Look for them if your interested in those. Prices next to the card is what I want.

    These are the ones I want to sell...

    Boomer Esiason 2002 Score "QBC Materials" Untouched (GU jersey) $5
    Chris Taylor 2001 Bowman "Hula Bowl" (GU jersey) $2
    Donald Reche Caldwell 2002 Leaf Rookies and Stars "Rookie Masks #124/250 (GU facemasks) $4
    Doug Flutie 2002 Upper Deck "All-Star Authentics" (GU jersey) $3
    Drew Brees 2002 Fleer Genuine "Genuine Article" (GU jersey) $3
    Josh Huepel/ Travis Minor/ James Jackson/ Quincy Morgan 2001 Playoff Honors "Rookie Quads" (GU jerseys) $10
    Randy Moss 2002 Pacific Private Stock Reserve #8/168 (GU jersey) $13
    Reggie Wayne 2001 Finest "Rookie Premiere Jerseys" (GU jersey) $5
    Ricky Williams 2002 Leaf Certified "Mirror Blue" #37/50 (GU jersey) $13
    T.J. Duckett 2002 Leaf Certified "Freshman Fabrics" #083/800 (GU jersey) $5
    Terrell Owens 2003 Upper Deck SP Game Used Patch Edition (GU jersey) $3
    Tyrone Wheatley 2002 Leaf Certified "Mirror Red" #38/100 (GU jersey) $3



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    TTT, anyone?

    Please help me out,

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