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    WTTF Frank Thomas cards..Hope you can help!

    I am changing my post here, Thanks to everyone who replied, I just dont have enough cards to trade for all the Thomas cards that you all listed..So I am now only looking for Frank Thomas RC's, inserts and game used


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  2. Kronozio
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    HI Aug, i have a 2003 Avant Frank Thomas.
    Don't know if it's an insert.
    On the Back of the card it say's :
    you have recieved an exclusive avant MLB high Qaulity Fleer trading card.
    but it is not #'d
    LMK thanks

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    I am interested, by chance, is the card black & white?...if not how much in BV are you looking for it?



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    Not Black and white , Gold writing and a Color Picture(almost looks like a photograph) Wish i had a scanner i could show you.

    Don't know what it is worth.
    LMK thanks

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    TO be honest I dont have a clue what to tell you about it, if anyone see's this post and knows what that card is please let us know what it is...I'd make a offer, but I dont know what BV range to offer....$10ish?



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    Aug i have no idea either , so why don't we cut what you think the card might be worth
    say $5 , if it is worth more (oh well) my loss

    LMK Thanks

    I am just going to check on Beckett and see if i can find it.

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    Looking for inserts or some #d cards..I already have a bunch of base cards

    I'll check it out and let you know

    I checked on beckett online earlier but found nothing, $5 is fine...I dont have any Flyers cards...can you list a few others you collect and I'll see what I got



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    Aug , only one i could find for a 2003 Avant Frank thomas , say's it only books for $2.50.
    But why would it have the Congratulations on a reg Base card?

    Anyone know?

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