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    Have I gone completely nutzzzzzzzzz?

    I thought that the basketball with lebron was coming out in july the upper deck inspirations and the pristine, did I lose my mind...

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    Inspirations is coming out in July, isn't it?

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    Cool if so Ill be looking for a lebron and Carmello......

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    If you do pull a LeBron auto, you better sell it.
    Unless you are just a big fan of his.
    You just never know how these #1 picks are gonna turn out.

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    They probably will have those cards Gio but they will more than likely have redemptions for the Draft Picks. At least that is how it has worked in the past for releases soon after the draft.


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    Originally posted by IggyWH
    Inspirations is coming out in July, isn't it?

    that is exactly, but I have seen inspiration cards on ebay and you showed that finest, which I understand it came out on the 25th, but accordinly to upper deck, inspiration will not be the first ud product to feature him...

    check out his website

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    LeBron is making his Upper Deck card set debut in Top Prospects and Victory Basketball. 2003-04 Top Prospects, highlighting this season's rookie class, will be available nationwide July 29th.

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    Originally posted by studin
    No,I think you lost you went nutz long b4 this gio. hehe
    thanks for reminding me, now I need more

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