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    I need these Hall of Fame Auto's... READ

    I really need these autos... check my site if you have any for trade

    Hank Aaron
    Ernie Banks
    Johnny Bench
    Ty Cobb
    Joe DiMaggio
    Lou Gehrig
    Mickey Mantle
    Willie Mays
    Jackie Robinson
    Babe Ruth
    Nolan Ryan
    Honus Wagner
    Ted Williams
    Cy Young

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    My guess is you're going to have to be a lot more patient than this.

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    I have a few certified autos of the guys you need:

    Willie Mays
    Nolan Ryan
    Ted Williams

    The only certified baseball auto I saw on your site was an Adam Pettyjohn....Did I miss something?

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    Sorry, only collect baseball. It will take a little more than Adam Pettyjohn to get one of them. Thanks anyway

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