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Thread: anybody have raja bell cards

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    anybody have raja bell cards

    looking to trade or buy any raja bell cards. lmk what you have

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    are you interested in even base? I may have given most away with a free Sixers lot, but I can see if I have anymore and keep you in mind

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    i got a 01-02 topps tcc finals journey jsy card. got any jsy cards of people in my sig.

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    don't have any of the people in your sig. i'll trade any of these for it
    jarvis hayes matix gu
    chris webber fleer platinum nameplates #/695
    zoran plannic matrix mini auto

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    I have a lot of over 50 Current jazz cards and Kirilenko, Malone, Stockton and past retired jazz players. Let me know if you're interested. I'm interested in ANY Game-Used or Auto's from ANY sport. I'll trade in your favor. I can send you a list of all the cards if you need. Let me know. Thanks.

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