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Thread: More mail...

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    More mail...

    Here is some stuff from the mail lately, got much more, but the stuff I don't have in here is mainly common RCs and base cards. Anyway, here are the main goods, ALL ARE NFT/NFS:

    Start it off with my first real football card, can't go wrong with this guy, not too bad IMO...

    ^54/100 to boot! Thanks to panthersfan28 for this one!

    Now onto the hockey!


    ^Thanks to OsgoodnMason for this one!

    ^Thanks to OsggodnMason for this one!

    ^Thanks to OsgoodnMason for this one!



    My second card of him...

    ^Thanks to OsgoodnMason for the sale!

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    Great new stuff, congrats
    Lee Stempniak
    (96.9%, 28 1/1's, 5 Gamers, 3 Sticks) & Cal Clutterbuck (91.0%, 21 1/1's, 1 Stick)
    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    Sweet Cards!!
    Click banner for tradelist
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    no problem brosky going to florida see if i get stuff when i come back

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    I saw some foozball in there! Haha!

    Mama said foozball is tha devil!

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