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Thread: UD Radiance is very DULL!!!

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    UD Radiance is very DULL!!!

    Okay, this is only a one box break but at the cost of $235. per box that is all I will waste on the product.

    I was busting some Ultimate hockey and having great results but since I like basketball better than hockey I gave in and bought one box. These are the autos.

    Yes, I pulled one good one but the rest for the price, pretty weak.

    The good auto of current playoff star

    Buying boxes is a crap shoot and I think I got the crap.

    Good luck with your breaks.

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    i hate how there sticker auto's too, its pretty much topps signature just $100 higher.

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    this is UD's version of their yard sale for basketball!!! its just like topps signature, its a REALLY good way to lose customers!

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    I'd be interested in the Ajinca if it's for trade. PLMK, thanks.

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    Fully agree this is UD version of Topps Signature but at least in Topps on the box plus a three packs, I got two of their "A" autos.

    Gordon is a super nice auto but before the playoff would he be considered an "A" auto or just a very good auto to pull?

    Your thoughts?

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    I'm intersted in your Mario Chalmers if it's FT!

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    Ehhh i heard this product ain't worth it.

    Let me know if your trading the Chalmers and Hill

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