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    Lakers Forum First Nighter Certificate?

    Hi everyone,

    I was wondering if anyone had any information on a certificate that I had received when attending the Lakers' first game at the Los Angeles Forum. Does anyone have any idea on how common these are or if they are actually worth anything? I've been unable to find anything on the internet. There is a picture attached.


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    That is pretty cool, i remember when they use to play there and i went all the time. But i have no info about that certificate sorry

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    i really have no idea but considering they are the lakers im sure there would be a market out there of some sort.... If you live near LA or any other large city i would take it to a shop and get their opinion on it.
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    I am not sure what to tell you as far as the value is concerned. That is a nice piece though. I could not find any on Ebay but I did find another "First Nighter" certificate for the Reds.


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