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    Evan Longoria/David Price dual auto ft

    its a bowman chrome dual #d 350

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Can't believe you still have that. You have had a ton of offers....

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    yeah never really got any offers i liked im really wanting to get a card for pc not to try and trade

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    what are you looking for for your PC?
    Wants: Christopher Frey, Mike Matheny, St. Louis Cardinals Auto's, & Team USA

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    I am interested please cmb

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    serputzalot- how much are you needing for these

    jeter auto/jersey
    pujols jersey/auto 1/10
    pujols/wright/howard triple

    please send me a pm i have others for trade

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    Still have the Jeter yd elements jersey auto. Can you do it for the dual???

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