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    Looking for any game used cards

    I am looking for any gu and especially those of cubs players
    lmk what you have I will get a tradelist as sson as possible

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    i have a 04 fleer tradition Mark Prior GU jersey w/ stripe... i would prefer to sell though

    lmk thanks


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    hey I like your 1999 Bowman Michael Barrett Rookie Locher Room AUTO Expos it BV'S at $10.00
    would you care to trade, ill try to gather up some rookies

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    tutall books it at $15 but with the stripe it might be a few more extra what is your price. I myself would like to trade what would you trade it for?
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    Becckett has it at 10 bucks check out
    never the less Iwill still trade either Bv
    plmk what types of rookies you like

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    how about an Ichiro rookie or Kaz Ishi rookie I have others of that stature but those ar e just examples

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    i got a 2004 Donruss MAnny Ramirez JErsey #ed/200 for trade..interested?

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