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Thread: ox of ud radiance

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    ox of ud radiance

    jsut went to the shop didnt want to get box of this stuff seen bad reviews of it

    but the shop owner said since i got screwed on box of sp authentic olny getting 1 scrub auto of no namer

    i could get 140 credit so i could of got the box for hundred i couldnt say no

    base #299[/U]
    chris paul
    dwight howard
    louis williams

    jordan legacy

    rc auto #299 donte green ekk
    rc auto joe alexander ekk

    auto focus george hill sweet looking card

    and my big hit was a redemption
    i hate redemptions
    but it was a good one

    writing samples dual auto #50
    kevin garnett/ paul pierce
    i was pretty happy i aslo think dual autos are the case hit
    not bad at all for 100
    idk about 240 though


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    Nice pull on the dual!
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    sweet pul on the dual!! are you going to redeem it or sell or trade?

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    sweet man, are they on card auto's or stickers? just wondering

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    umm the greene is sticker
    alexander and hill r on card
    hopefully the dual is on card too

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    Nice redemption.

    If I was you though, I might sell that redemption and not redeem it.

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