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Thread: BB, BK & FB lot for arod

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    BB, BK & FB lot for arod

    I UPDATED MY PAGE, I WILL TRADE IN YOUR FAVOR FOR CARDS ON MY TRADE LIST. I WILL ALSO SELL FOR CHEAP. I AM GOING TO STICK TO BUYING CARDS I NEED FOR MY PC AND NOT SO MUCH TRADING ANYMORE. I have around 500 cards left in BB, BKB and FB. I am looking for around $50 in arod cards I dont have yet. lmk if any interest. It is more of a starters lot mix of bb, bk, and fb, lot or rookies from bb and bk

    please only use the list for arods I have. I have sold most everything in my second blog, just need to update page

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    I have a 45 card Arod lot FT, base and inserts. I am interested in a lot from your site. I also have a 1993 Classic 4-Sport Chromium RC, do you have that one?

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