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    corner looks damaged. but its the 1st one i ever saw. alot of cards from 98-99 hoops are rare as i never really see anything from it. ultra low end product too

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    Nice card but i would buy his Auto first. LOL

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    Maybe that card came directly from Jordan's personal collection. Haha.

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    OH those are some SWEET cards though...and the MJ cards.. RULE the 90's as far as insert prices go.
    If you notice on Ebay these days...LOTS of MJ's to be had..I've actually, been picking them up here & there, before they start getting hot.


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    Quote Originally Posted by DAVE30 View Post
    Nice card but i would buy his Auto first. LOL
    LOL...oh heck a HEARTBEAT..w/that money you could buy 2 MJ autos..unfortunately in todays markets.

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