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    The Iron Sheik's latest mishap...

    Did you guys see the pics of how he wet himself after downing a bunch of beers on a radio show? What the ****??? LOL...I just think that this is sooo sad. He had a decent run back in his day and now he's just embarrassing himself wherever he goes. Poor Sheik. I wish he would realize that he is a veteran of professional wrestling and that he needs to carry himself with some class. Until then, he will remain laughable. I know, I know, to each their own, I'm just saying it's sad. That's all.

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    I love his antics, much more entertaining than when he was a wwf heel.

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    I was never a fan of him until he became drunk and washed up, now he is the man

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    Oh man are you kidding me, The Iron Sheik ROCKS, and for you Howard Stern fans, Iron Sheik JR AKA Artie Lange............I met the Iron Sheik at a Horror/SciFi Convention in Jersey a few yrs back, he is funny to talk to, love Sheik

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    It must be embarrising for him to wet himself hope things get better for him.

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    Opie and Anthony rule!!!! Big props to them for having him on air.

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