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    I cant believe how much this is selling for

    First of all this persons descriptions are wrong a lot of his cards he claims are kobe rookies but are actually from his second year. This is for the regular boss version of this card that has a bv of 6.00 and it is up to almost 40.00! I got the super boss version which has a bv of 18.00 a few weeks back and only paid a few dollars for it. This is crazy!|294%3A50

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    Seems high but i don't know much about that set.

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    the seller's name on ebay says it all: BSCollectibles
    You got to be kidding me

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    because he makes it sound like its 3/20 made

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    Talk about over-paying for a regular insert card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boba View Post
    because he makes it sound like its 3/20 made
    How does he do that??

    I just see 3 of 20B thats different from 3/20

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    tell me about it, I cant believe ppl paid that much!

  10. #10, that's a PRIME example of how you should ALWAYS go into bidding w/the knowledge of what you're bidding on.
    I can't BELIEVE it actually sold for THAT much...I'm not one to say..but, I'd have to believe there was some 'FRIENDS' involved in THAT

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