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    does anyone know is any pirates sign current or former thank you

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    John Smiley, Zane Smith, Lloyd McClendon, Ian Snell, Neil Walker and many more. Check the success thread.
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    why does it seem like there is another post like this every day??? How hard is it to find the successes. I would have to say that before people post, they should HAVE TO read some rules and regs. I think if you start a thread like this, you should automatically get a neg2 rating

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    propete I completely agree with you, I was thinking the exact same thing myself. LOL It seems thats its mainly with the newer members that don't even do the research and want people to do it for them.

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    One easy way to find the players you're looking, for now, for is to use the search feature. Use the advanced search and search by post in this section and look for the players you want. You'll find returns from guys like Snell and LaRoche are scattered throughout the baseball success thread which can be found here:

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