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    Want to bust out ALOT of Trades!!!

    Big trades or small trades, i dont care. just looking for football. Lmk whatcha like from me. really wanna get some trades going. and i mean ALOT. thanx

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    Im really interested in the Brand GU and Dee Brown Rc Auto/GU

    ive got these football:
    Michael Vick Victory RC
    Kyle Orton Bowman Chrome RC
    Devin Hester Topps DPP RC
    SP Rookie Edition Joe Flacco RC


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    sorry bro, only looking for GU/Autos if im giving up gu or autos. thanx though!

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    hey i am really interested in the rothesburger gu and the stehopn marbury gu

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    i didnt see anything for the big ben gu, but i could trade my marbury gu for your andre johnson turkey red gu. lmk thanx

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    how about the Gates Bowman GU instead? lmk. thanx

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    hey, im going to have to pass on this deal. i cant find the marbury ANYWHERE. thanx though

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