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    Talking Some amazing cards on there way!!!!!

    Hey so I have recently made some fairly high-end deals and I wanted to just share my great luck!!!

    1. Ever since BTP came out recently I have always made it a goal of mine to find as many Super-Sized Pad cards as humanly possible, through trading only! Anyways about a week ago a Brodeur and a Roy popped up on the site and I was exstatic!

    Heres the scan of the Brodeur

    I went to my local card shop to finish the trade and was quite pleeased with the deal!!

    For the Roy I had to give up a ton of Leafs stuff for it, but love it's blue swatch thing! I am going to wait for it to arrive before updating this thread with a scan!!

    Finally I have had a Malkin Team Marks auto letter that I finally got off my hands a few days ago! I am very please to announce that I am getting an Alexander Ovechkin yg for it!!! I have always wanted one of those and now it is mine!!

    So that is it for the moment!! Any and all comments are appreciated!!! Keep those trades coming!!!


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    Those are 3 cards I bet a lot of people would love to have. Congrats on obtaining them!
    Lee Stempniak
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    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    Thanks man, I was one of those guys who would kill for anyone of them a few days ago! Now I have all 3!!! Woot!!!

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    Sweet Brodeur!
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    Thanks again for the coments you guys, very excited for these cards to arrive!!!


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    Very Nice Brodeur...Bet more than a few around here would love to trade for that baby..

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    Yah, thanks, it's nice to know that if I ever want to trade it there will be a few takers!!!

    Dave =)

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    Congrats and looking for to seeing the Roy and Broduer together.

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    Me too! I'll make sure to take a scan as soon as it arrives!!!

    Dave =)

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