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    Andrew Jones HIGH $$$ GU card/ ft

    its 2001 Leaf Certified FOTG #/21 #FG-59 no BV (scarce)

    the one #d /36 books for $50, so this was is at least $60

    looking for RCs, GU of players i collect, cert. autos, or phillies cards

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    would you be interested in this for the jones card?

    Burrell, Pat Phillies

    04 skybox le history of the draft jersey 7/10

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    nah, sorry, I do like that card (is there anything else u like on my site)

    the Jones card is in 2001 Leaf Cert. and it prob. will have a higher BV due to it being a rare 2001 jersey card, they did not make as many rare cards back then, as they do now

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