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    My Girlfriend is 6 Weeks Pregnant! We need money! Help!

    My girlfriend is 6 Weeks Pregnant, and we need to start saving as much money as possible for the most amazing thing ever, our first child. Please look thru my bucket.

    But please be patient, as i do not and have not had the time to edit my bucket, so I may or may not have all of the cards in there.

    Please let me know if you want anything.

    We need help bad!

    Thank you!

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    How much are you looking for on these:
    Joe Smith Auto
    Monta Ellis Auto

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    dauber - joe smith $4 dlvd
    monta sold sorry
    sl7in - pierce sold sorry

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    answer - thank you! im pretty stoked.

    rocketfan- $12 dlvd? lmk

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    i like the stockton gu too...$15 dlvd for francis and stockton? do u accept cash?

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    stockton is gone unfortunately. still need the francis? yes, cash is fine.

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