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Thread: Need autos of HOF Pitches

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    Need autos of HOF Pitches

    I still havent been able to pick up graphs of these guys yet :cry:

    Im mainly looking for these four guys right now. THE CHEAPER THE BETTER!

    Bob Gibson
    Bob Feller
    Jim Palmer
    Luis Tiant

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    Luis Aparicio was a short stop not a pitcher. I have a 2003 Topps Retired auto of him bv $15.

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    my bad, im thinking of Luis Tiant maybe. lol, wow, for a while i was also getting don larson mixed up with brandon larson.

    well, i could definitely use it. if youre looking for cubs ive got a 99 SP Signature Edition Derek Lee Auto i believe is also 15.

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    The only current Cubs I'm looking for are in my sig. Would you be looking to buy ?

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    Not at this time, sorry. But thanks for offering

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