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    Champs Hall of Legends GU Question

    I pulled a Tiger Woods Champs hall of legends GU today and see that the identical mate to mine is up to $232.50 on Ebay, and being bid on by fifteen people with three and a half days left. Is there something special about this card that I'm not seeing? How are others taking care of these Champs mini GU? They don't really fit anything properly. Where would this be posted for trade purposes? I'd figure high-end trading for hockey, because it out of a pack of hockey cards. But, he's a golfer. Any help would be appreciated.


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    its a SP. i'm pretty sure that the hall of legends are case hits? and i think woods is SPed even more in the set than anyone else. nice hit btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlekane1088 View Post
    Wow, great card, scans?
    Scan in my bucket.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 07mears07 View Post
    Its tiger woods... Possibly the best athlete ever...
    no. wayne. gretzky.

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    Look hockey is ur sport. Being a sports fan. No one has dominated his sport and put ratings so high. No one has been as clutch as tiger

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    I would agree with 07mears07.Gretzky was the greatest hockey player,but I think that there has never been an athlete like Tiger who dominates his sport for so many years.And who knows how many more that he can and will dominate the golf scene.

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    His question is about the card, people.

    It's a very nice pull, and an SP. The few of these that have been pulled have sold in the $300+ range. I would suggest selling it as soon as the current one ends.

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