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    anyone here play NBA Live 2005 for PS2?

    kinda older.
    picked it up at gamestop last week - $1.99!
    Carmelo Anthony pictured on cover

    despite the bad graphics, its a good game of basketball.
    just got out of a season-game on it Celtics-Hawks (although i lost 80-68)
    it was a great game

    KG can pull a 3-point shot anytime you want him to. it's sick

    got KG, Shaq, Wade, Dwight Howard, and Mikki Moore as my starting 5 (good bench too, though)

    it's a good game to pick up if you have a PS2 as a secondary system (like i have 360, but i use ps2 up in my room when i'm tired)

    $1.99 @ Gamestop

    get it if you like Ps2 and Basketball games.

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    Yeah its a sick game lmao. I dont play it but i have it

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    i just like how it's an easy game to play, (yet really fun), despite the graphics

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    Haha kind of funny...

    Yesterday I was bored so I was looking through my old CPU games and pulled of NBA Live 05. That games sick. So much fun!

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