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    Buy this Dontrelle Willis card for Iggy Contest!

    It's easy... buy this card, send it to Iggy and you are the winner!!

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    OMG... I'd love to snag that card. My pops bought a bunch of the regular ones the other day because I told him too. Too bad I wasn't looking for his cards earlier on eBay because they were going for quite cheap.

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    I am going to get on that right away, btw iggy can you send me about $500 and I will provide the difference, and get it to you right away, I already have your address, no need to provide that.

    Or how about we buy and then put it up in little pieces so that everyone can own a piece of it, like the ruth jersey.

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    LOL... a cut up Gem Mint rookie... great idea!

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    Originally posted by IggyWH
    LOL... a cut up Gem Mint rookie... great idea!
    if the card companies can do it and make money why can't we? My very first business prof told me if you want a successful business just copy another successful business...

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    That is a great looking card... A cut up gem mint rookie you just might be on to something there LOL.....

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    everyone is like that, but thats what makes stuff great, buying stuff hoping it gets big

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