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Thread: beckett help

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    beckett help

    A month ago a person posted free beckett. Beckett was giving like 2 trial magazines and the if you dont like it check off cancel subscription.
    But i cant find the cancel subscription box or how or where to do it?
    can anyone help me?


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    I signed up for it 3-4 weeks ago. About a week later I received the invoice with a due date of next week on it. I still have not received the first free copy, let alone the 2 stated in the offer.
    What a crock.

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    ya its easier and cheaper just to go to and lookup cards for free.....

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    I received my first free issue today. I also canceled my trial subscription about a week and a half ago.

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    After all that, I received mine today. Not too happy that they sent the invoice way before the first of a supposed two issues though...

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    does everyone know how to use the free look up at if you do then your basically wasting your time and money...

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