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Thread: If you had to pick one: POLL

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    If you had to pick one: POLL

    Driving down the road starving..... money isn't an option...

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    I'd rather eat roadkill than applebee's or mcdonald's

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    Chiptole because i'm mexican and i love eating my own kind of food lol

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    applebee's or olive garden...cause mcdonalds is GROSS, mcdonalds owns chipotle which makes it gross by association, and i've never heard of flemmings

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    Olive Garden. Salad and breadsticks!

    And it's Chipotle :)

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    Olive Garden

    HOiw can u pick Applebees and Mc Donalds over the other ones

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    I think I'd rather gnaw my own fingers off than suffer through any of those...aren't there any better options? Or are you driving through H***? Out of those, I'd probably say Flemmings because I've never heard of it and there's a chance it's not as bad as the others.

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    of those Mcd. I went to AppleBee's once and really didn't like there food.

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    Olive Garden, easy. I used to like Mcdonalds but the past 6 times or so I've eaten there has been horrible, yet I go back thinking itll be different. Chipotle is good too though.

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