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Thread: 50/50 anyone

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    50/50 anyone

    is there anyone willnig to 50/50 any major league teams or minor league besides il league. i can send multiples of every major league player known to man. please get back to me if there is any team you can 50/50 let me know thank you/ prefer mlb teams any players looking to enhance collection thanks

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    I can help you out, check out my thread:

    Let me know if you need help on anyone, thanks!

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    I can do the Reading Phillies (AA) ball and some of the visiting teams. Just LMK what guy you want and I will try and get him.

    Michael Taylor, Joe Savery are prob the biggest names here.


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    Trenton Thunder Yankees AA or maybe some players from the visiting teams heres the official website of the Thunder...

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