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    Tell me whose auto this is and I'll send you one.

    Help. I've checked website after website and cannot tell whose auto this is. The envelope reads that it was sent from Garden City, New York but it doesn't match any of my records. If you can correctly identify it, I'll send one of the IC's I received.

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    If you sent out to hockey players, it's Alexei Yashin.

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    Yahin it is.

    Thanks guys. I checked and it is Yashin. I have two ic's that he also signed. If you PM me your contact info, I'd be happy to send you each one.

    Thanks again!

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    Thanks, but I have at least 40 cards signed from him frm when he was here in Ottawa,

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    IT'S YASHIN! Can I have one to
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    *Bring me your Rudy Fernandez and George Hill.

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    Sorry, but someone beat you to it. I'll trade the second one though.

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