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Thread: Trading concerns

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    Trading concerns


    To everyone I have traded to recently, please read this!

    I recently moved from Peterborough to Port Colborne, ON. Before I left Peterborough last month I made several trades to others. A couple of you have not received packages yet, and I have the answer!

    My old landlord left a message at my parents' place stating that I had a number of packages returned to my Peterborough address. I am having him forward them to my parents' address, and then having my parents send them out when they arrive at their place. I am going up north tomorrow to do contract work until July. If you have ANY concerns, please private message me, or post here.

    I would like to ask that this thread is stickied so that the few people I have traded with are all able to see this. I do not have the time to individually private message everyone.

    I sincerely apologize about the inconvenience. Please update me everyone on your package's status. If it has not arrived by the time I return from up north, I will return the card you originally sent, plus compensation.


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    Gonna leave this one in trading for a should PM your trading partners now...

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    Things happen, people make mistakes. I know you are a great trader so I blame Canada Post good luck with the job!

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    I, also, know that you're an honest trader. Unfortunate circumstances, to say the least. I commend you being as up front about the situation. I would personally be appreciative of your actions if I were one of these traders. You're obviously trying to make the best of an unfortunate situation.

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    thanks for the heads up eric
    was wondering why i haven't got my end yet
    i have no worries since i traded and met up with eric at last years expo,great trader
    (just a side note to others still waiting for their end)


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    Thank you all for the kind words. This is my firsy access to a computer since May 5, and will be my last until June 5 at the earliest.

    Unfortuantely, I still received a "temporary suspension" during my absence. Again, I do apologize about the inconvenience, but please be aware that there is absolutely nothing I can do for a couple months.


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