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Thread: My best steal ever!

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    Smile My best steal ever!

    I bought an Andruw Jones game worn jersey/hat on ebay. I usually read the description of every card I look at and the card is numbered to 10! My greatest steal ever I have to say

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    Sweet, I should check out the description and overlook the title once in awhile now after that auction.

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    awsome card !
    Collect Cleveland Browns/ BOSTON BRUINS/ Boston College Eagles/ROOKIES,Patches/Autos


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    Should of posted sooner, the card is sweet, not to be negative, but I really hope you get it because it is a great card (maybe masterpiece) to add for your collection.

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    I got the card today. It looks so cool and the jersey is a patch I think, it is a little hard to tell but I think it is a patch.

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    the jersey swatch has to be a patch because the only blue ATL jerseys are the bp jerseys which are mesh

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    Yeah, ur right, the only Braves blue jerseys are BP jerseys but actually, they cut BP jerseys up sometimes (I've seen a lot of them on ebay)

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