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    Albert Pujols auto/jersey #001/149 FT

    2004 Fleer Classic Clippings auto/jersey card #001/149 of Albert Pujols. BV isn't out yet, but I would like about $150 in trade for it.

    I would like to get Scott Rolen, Stan Musial, Barry Bonds, Kurt Warner or some HOF'ers/future HOF'ers autos for this.

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    The bv is $120 in the new August Beckett. I wish I had something to offer for it.

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    I am still wanting about $150 in trade for it. More importantly, I'm looking for a card that is capable of selling in the $80 range rather than the bv of the card.

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    Check my page...I'm interested.

    I have nothing that books as high as $150 but I have several $80 autos.

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    Ive got a 03 Leaf Limited Moniker Auto Roy Oswalt #ed/10. Beckett had reported a sale around $80 when it came out.

    Now basically, I responded for the heck of it. I dont expect you to take me seriously :)

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    ACB, I liked these: Tell me the bv's, please.

    00 SP Scott Rolen Auto
    02 Donruss Diamond Kings Mark Prior Auto
    02 Topps Alex Rodriguez Auto

    Have any other Rolen autos?

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    Are you interested in trading for like $30 and a card that would sell for around $50 on Ebay?

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