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    2009 Northern League 50/50 Thread

    Hello, the 2009 Northern League season is approaching and I'm looking to 50/50 pretty much everyone in this league on cards. I was very successful last year, and completed tons of 50/50's for many members on here. This year I am looking to do the same. Below are the players/coaches on each who have mainstream cards, a link will be provided at the end of team for other players you may have team set cards of. I can 50/50 everyone listed below on cards, unless noted.

    Schaumburg Flyers:
    Mike Busch
    Jose Valdez
    Peanut Williams
    Felix Jose- Full for Now
    Jermaine Allensworth
    Edwin Almonte

    For team set card guys and others:
    Schaumburg Flyers Professional Baseball

    Gary Railcats:
    Tony Cogan
    Cristian Guerrero
    Onan Masaoka

    For team set card guys and others:
    Official Site of the Gary SouthShore RailCats

    Joliet Jackhammers:
    Freddie Thon- Full for Now
    Pat Mahomes- Full for Now
    Floyd Youmans- Full for Now
    Wally Backman- Full for Now
    K.C. Herren
    Joey Gomes
    Andrew Pinckney
    Jason Richardson
    Grant Johnson

    For team set guys and others: Roster

    Winnipeg Goldeyes:
    Cody Ehlers
    Cory Patton
    Kevin West
    Bear Bay
    Rick Forney
    Daniel Haigwood
    Juan Diaz- Full for Now

    For team set card guys and others:
    Winnipeg Goldeyes Baseball Club | Team

    Kansas City T-Bones:
    Damian Rolls
    Ken Harvey- Full for Now
    Jim Fasano- Full for Now
    David Trahan
    Rick DeHart
    Justin James
    Nick Webber
    Lino Urdaneta
    Todd Moser

    For team set card guys and others: Roster

    Fargo-Moorehead Redhawks:
    Alan Rick
    Ruben Salazar
    Randall Simon- Full for Now
    Yurendell Decaster
    Nic Jackson
    Jeff Bittiger
    Steve Montgomery

    For team set card guys and others: Roster

    I can take a few cards for the visitors and a bunch for my home team, Schaumburg Flyers. If you only have 1 card of a guy or you need a card done for a set, we can work something out as well. When sending cards, I ask that a SASE is provided and that all cards are prepped, really prefer rubbed down with a white eraser as I have had a few problems with cards smearing in the past from baby powder. Please check back all the time, as this league has many transcations every day and there always seems to be players that get signed with lots of cards out. Also check back for openings, as spots will open up especially for the home team if I run out of cards. If you have anything for anyone in this league, please PM me or respond to this post and we can get something worked out. Thanks!!
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    Thank you for offering.....

    I'd love to set something up for....

    Jermaine Allensworth
    Edwin Almonte

    and if spots open

    Pat Mahomes
    Wally Backman

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    I am currently full on Mahomes and Backman, but will let you know if spots open up. How many cards can you send for each Almonte and Allensworth? Lmk, thanks!

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    The following players with mainstream cards have also been picked up and I can take them as well:

    Joey Gomes
    Edwin Almonte
    Andrew Pinckney
    Onan Masaoka

    Lmk if you got anything for them, thanks!

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    bump, can now take Lino Urdaneta as well who has mainstream cards.

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    I am going to go through my cards today and see what i can find. the only ones that i really need are Ken Harvey and Felix Jose(who I know that you have plenty of)


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    I found these

    Allensworth 3
    Almonte 3
    Masaoka 2
    Forney 2
    Nic Jackson 1

    Also have some Simons and Joses when you need some more.

    I will still be looking for my extra Rolls and Harvey. i know I have some to send.

    LMk if still in need of these.


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    bump, lots of updates made and PM's Sent to those interested. Lmk what you got guys!! Thanks!

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