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Thread: 2009 Upper Deck Series I

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    2009 Upper Deck Series I

    I need: 2,3,5,6,10,11,22,25,26,36,37,41,45,46,47,49,50,52, 53,65,66,70,71,78,79,90,95,99,104,116,117,129,130, 143,144,155,157,158,220
    266,280,285,304,305,307,324,326,327,329,333,335,33 6,340,341,343,346,349,350,352,353,354,355,358,361, 374,375,386,387,394,

    I have:
    7,21,34,35,40,42,43,48,56,63,75,83,91,96,98,105,13 1,141,146,147,163,173,204,219,225,236,238,253,242, 260,270,294,306,311,313,
    325,328,330,342,345,347,362,378,379,381,391,393,39 5,404,411,431,446,453,458,462,482,493

    As you can tell I need a lot of help. I used to be an avid card collector when I was little. Last week while my wife and I were in line at the checkout, there were some cards there and, well, I bit. Needless to say, after opening this 1 pack, my fire for card collecting has been rekindeled. So I've been reading threads on here and seems like you all help each other out, and though my wants outnumber my "have's", I am willing to trade. I also have a few basketball cards left over from the height of my card collecting days of the early to mid-90's, that I'd be willing to trade. I am also looking for the Starquest inserts for this series (any color), so anyway enough rambling and look forward to hearing from you all!

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    i have these from your list of needs #5,22,36,70,78,130,285,305,307,333,335,336, 343,352,353,361,375,386,387, pm address and you can have them free enjoy

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    I have 65,324,354, and 358 if you still need them. If so, I could use 7,21,34, 40.

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