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Thread: 100+ Hockey Cards FT

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    Smile 100+ Hockey Cards FT

    I have over 100 hockey cards, and have no use for them. Most are from 1991 Pro Set, but some are newer. PLMK. Thanks.

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    Still enjoy a good Proset card.

    I need these:
    1990-91 Pro Set:
    1A (Hull)
    18B - COR (Picture with Arniel on back)
    21B - COR (Housley w/out traded)
    39B - COR (4 on front for player number)
    40B - COR (Mullen w/out traded)
    42A - ERR (Spelled "Niewendyk")
    54A - ERR (Photo of Konroyd on Back)
    55A - ERR (no PIM total on back)
    130A - COR (Picture not of B. Bellows)
    147A - ERR (Chelios w/out traded)
    205A - ERR (Nilan w/out traded)
    256B - COR (21 on front for player number)
    301B - COR (Photo on back of McBain)
    320B - COR (the last word in the summary should be "points." and not "point.s."
    330A - ERR (Hawerchuk w/out traded)
    348? - something to do with Milan
    385 - ?
    573A - ERR (one of the Kings logos is missing the 'r' symbol)
    623 - ?
    NNO (Stanley Cup Hologram)

    PLMk if you have any or what you'd like for trade.


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    Wow, I have nothing. Sorry!

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    NP. Thanks for looking. Pro set cards are a lot harder to find that you'd think.


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