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    My Giroux 1/1 UD Black Blue Has Arrived..... is here!

    it goes nice with my GIROUX plate /399

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    Awesome Giroux stuff! Congrats on putting together that nameplate, and getting the 1/1!
    Lee Stempniak
    (96.9%, 28 1/1's, 5 Gamers, 3 Sticks) & Cal Clutterbuck (91.0%, 21 1/1's, 1 Stick)
    Also always looking for Paul Stastny & Current Sabres RC's
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    Very impressive stuff Rich...glad to see youre still happy with pulling the trigger on that purchase :)

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    Very very nice card, love the nameplate as well

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    SICK CARD! i need to find the boyle version lolol

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    Big ups to you, glad you got your card man! Look forward to more as the higher end stuff hits.

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    Awsome Rich, I wish Ericsson had a Black 1/1

    Your PC is turning out to be "THE" Giroux PC!!!!!

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    Thanks guys!

    Hopefully i still have the funds for the OPC Premiere and the CUP stuff!

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