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    Iverson Triple GU Card for trade BV 150

    i have an allen iverson 01-02 fleer shoebox collection sole of the game triple shoe/ball/jersey (2 color) bv 150 (maybe a small premium with multi color jersey). i am looking for any high end 03-04 authentix auto/gu. i also need a Jordan 87-88 fleer bgs 8.5. will trade the iverson and include $15 along with it for the jordan. am open to other options but would really love to just have the authentix or the jordan.

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    will give you a authentix quadruple from 03 04: steve francis 4 color/tracy mcgrady 3 color/allen iverson 1 color/chris webber 1 color #9/100 for the iverson. pm me.

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