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Thread: $9.49 to spend

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    $9.49 to spend

    Going to try this again...hopefully i can get a better responce. Have $9.49 us paypal to spend

    1. I am not in a rush to spend it so will take time to see offers or just keep it
    2. I have 9.49 to offer and not a penny more. Any person who offers a card looking for a penny over 9.49 will go immediately on my ignore list
    3. If you offer sharks or ducks cards, same will happen as above
    4. I am not looking for your crap that you can't get rid of
    5. If you offer me any other kings cards besides the 3 players listed below, you will be put on ignore also.

    What I am looking for:

    • Brian Boyle
    • 03-04 Ice (wantlist in sig)
    • Jack Johnson
    • Drew Doughty
    • Bait

    Looking for the nicest card i can or the best lot. Only really want GU/Autos, and autos get preferrence

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    jack johnson ultra gold rc 9.48 delivered (dont want to take it all) LOL

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    spx and ultra brian boyle and doughty opc rookie (as long as it is USD)

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    this cam ward dual jsy patch


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    nino- no thanks. not a big fan of him and would really prefer a gu/au
    steen - thanks but don't need any of those
    nyfancam - interested. still taking offers though

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    how about this.. as a bonus lol

    man im trying to sell ALL of my stuff.. so take the ward AND ANY 1 of the autofacts in my hockey bucket under autos.

    the ward and ANY 1 of them for 9.49

    lmk thanks

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