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Thread: 3 Boxes Of Goudey 2 MOJO Hits

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    3 Boxes Of Goudey 2 MOJO Hits

    So a buddy of mine had some boxes of goudey.. I should say 4 cases.. Well Sunday I picked up 2 boxes.. 1st box auto sucked Phil Coke YUCK did hit some sp's and mini sp's and a black 21/21 tony gwynn and a Nick Markakis auto..
    2nd Box I broke had a James Parr auto in the 1st pack I opened totally angered at this point and time I start ripping through the packs hitting a black /21 steve carlton and some other sp's nice one was a Jordan Sport Royalty SP and a Carlos Lee Game Used WHOOPDEEDOO.. I thought the box was done and I was rippong through them just to get through them...Come to the 3rd to last pack right after the filler this hits.. What I hear these are 1 per case.. Looking at the checklist this is a good hit... and 2 autos in the box... weird..

    so tonight I decided to crack another box from a different case.. Ripping through it in the 6th pack I hit a Marlon Byrd auto YUCKK.... hit some decent sps mini green jeter.. About 12th pack I hit a Michael Jordan Sport royaly again.. So now feeling the same trend as the 2nd box from the weekend I start looking through them a little bit slower this time.. 2nd to last pack this hits.. Celtic Pride! Wow I opened 6 boxes of goudey last year and bombed this year 3 boxes and this.. Im done with the product and can walk away a happy man!

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    jeez, NICE!!!!!!

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    thanks guys Im stoked I usually walk away from this product with Marlon Byrd and James parr autos to show.. At least with the sp's you can do decent with them as well...

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    Man you must be one lucky Boston Celtics fan... lol

    Those are some nice Autos and to pull two case hits from different cases is just insane.

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    **** nice pulls! I wish i coulda got somethin like that in my box...**** i woulda been happy with marlon anderson auto..i got shafted. 0 gu 0 autos lol. Your one lucky sob =)

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    thanks guys I was stoked too.. Been on a slump on big hits lately but these may change that for a while!

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    Man after seeing Tiger and this... I really want a case

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