Byline: Russ Cohen

Washington, DC -- Boston University blueliner Colby Cohen wound up and put a slapper on net (he kidded in the postgame and said with his eyes closed), Kevin Roeder went down to block it and the puck jumped up like a slight pop up that went up and over the Miami goaltender to give BU their first National Title since 1995 in a huge 4-3 win with eight minutes to go in OT. Boston’s Kevin Shattenkirk (A Colorado first-round pick) walked the puck over the blue line to help get that play going.

“I held my ground and went down to block the shot,” said Roeder, with his head held up high. “It was a bad bounce that hit my pad and rolled in….We aren’t ashamed of anything that happened out here….We know in our minds it was a great game. We made history as a class. The seniors are going out knowing this is the first team in 31 years to be in the National Championship game.”