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    Dose anyone have a Crosby Auto they want to Sell? PP

    Looking to pick up a Sid Crosby Auto. Not looking to spend the farm. If you have one at a decent price PLMK. Paying by PP tonight if I can get it done.


  2. Kronozio
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    08-09 ultimate collection ultimate signatures crosby auto make me an offer

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    They have been closing between $100-$70. How about $85.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kazmo View Post
    They have been closing between $100-$70. How about $85.

    can you do 100 dlvd last three went 100-100-90 before shipping and I will throw in a crosby dual jersey out of ud ice from this year lmk

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    Post it up please.

    Looking for a few more.


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    PP sent. Can you confirm you got it?


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    i have 07-08 Crosby ice scripts BV 200.00

    08-09 SPX flashback fabrics 2 colors auto bv 200.00

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